Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a statement disclosing the purposes and methods of collecting information and how we protect and use them.

 Types of information collected

No personally identifiable information is collected from our site visitors. However, to access certain features of our website, such as posting comments and answering questions, you need to register an account.

To register an account, you must provide personal information such as user name, email address, and date of birth.

User name: 

Your user name will be publicly displayed, so you have a unique identity while using our forums. You will be prompted to enter a username of your choice (if available), or a new username will be provided. 

You do not have to enter your real name to register. 

Email Address:

Your email address will not be displayed publicly. It is only asked to establish a point of contact and send notifications about any new comments or replies you receive on your posts.

Date of Birth:

You will have a choice whether to display your date of birth publicly or not. 

You can select any of the following options:

  • Keep the DOB hidden
  • Show only the date and month
  • Dhow the day, month and year

We asked you to enter your date of birth because of our site policy for minors. We do not allow children under age 13 to register, nor give minors access to our classified adverts forums. 


Your location is not verified, but you are required to mention your location so to add context to your contribution.

IP address:

We record your IP address when you log in to your account. This is only to check which country you belong to and to rule out duplicate registrations from the same IP. 

You are also free to provide additional information about your occupation and area of interest. However, it is not mandatory but encouraged.


 some features of our website involve using “cookies” to improve your user experience. This includes automatically logging you into the website without having to enter your username and password every time. It also helps you visit the last forum you accessed in a single click. You are free to turn off the cookies at any time you like.

Disclosure of personal information

 ForumAccess does not disclose your personally identifiable information to any third parties without your prior consent unless it is required by the law to do so.

All your information is securely stored digitally in our multi-encrypted database servers, safeguarding them from unauthorized access. 

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