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    Tammy Benningfield

    Here are some tips and tricks for winning your fantasy football league:

    1. Draft a balanced team: When drafting your team, try to build a balanced roster with a mix of proven veterans and promising rookies. Don’t focus too much on one position at the expense of others, as a well-rounded team is more likely to perform consistently throughout the season.
    2. Know your scoring system: Different fantasy football leagues have different scoring systems, so it’s important to understand the rules of your league and how points are awarded. This can help you make informed decisions when drafting and setting your lineup each week.
    3. Stay active on the waiver wire: Throughout the season, keep an eye on the waiver wire for potential pickups that can help improve your team. This can be especially important if you have injuries or players on bye weeks.
    4. Analyze matchups: Before setting your lineup each week, analyze the matchups to see which players have the best chance of performing well. Look at factors like the opposing team’s defense, weather conditions, and injuries to key players.
    5. Don’t be afraid to make trades: If you have a surplus of players at one position or a weakness in another area, consider making trades with other teams in your league to improve your roster. Just make sure you’re not giving up too much value in the trade.
    6. Stay up-to-date on player news: Injuries, suspensions, and other news can have a big impact on fantasy football. Stay up-to-date on player news by following reliable sources like ESPN and NFL.com.
    7. Have a backup plan: Injuries and unexpected events can happen at any time, so make sure you have a backup plan in place. Have a backup quarterback, running back, and wide receiver on your roster in case of emergency.
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